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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  April 22, 2013 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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changes things for a lot of people. the hot weather swept in today and people told us it just seemed to make the landscape look dryer. >> i just came from the desert, and it's hotter here than it is down there. i can't believe how hot it is here. >> reporter: it's unusual to see the cal fire unit training so soon before fire season, but this year, fire season and fire training are both ahead of schedule. the unit is getting a jump on practicing water drops and hand signals with its new members, because the experienced firefighters say the dry conditions are typical of what they usually see in early june. >> we have some new captains coming in. we can get training done now so we're ready to go when fire season really gets going. >> does the extra time help a lot, especially when you're doing stuff like this? >> absolutely. especially since we haven't done this since november.
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>> reporter: at the cal fire headquarters in morgan hill, officials are planning to do their first phase of hiring well ahead of schedule. >> typically, we don't start the process until first, second week in may. so we're looking at doing that a couple weeks earlier this year, just because of the dryer conditions. >> reporter: cal fire will begin its second phase of hiring with another phase to fire. coming up at 6, more on cal fire's overall plan for the season and how other agencies plan to accelerate their own schedules. live in los gatos, robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. firefighters battling a wildfire into the los angeles foothills are running into a new problem. bears. authorities say there have been at least seven reported encounters with bears. the fire is burning across 125
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acres northeast of los angeles near the city of monrovia. smoke from the fire is apparently sending bears from their habitat in the san gabriel mountains. animal control officers have been called out to usher them back. the fire is now 85% contained. it was started saturday by a gardener working in the back yard. the surviving suspect in the boston marathon will face justice and possibly the death penalty in the u.s. court system. he will not be tried as an enemy combatant. the charges were announced just today. >> reporter: gasia, prosecutors say those bombs placed by dzhokhar tsarnaev and his brother at the boston marathon were weapons of mass destruction that caused death. today the city and the nation also took an important step in the healing process. from the streets of boston, to the capitol in washington, people observed a moment of silence at 2:50 p.m. eastern, exactly one week after two bombs killed three and injured more than 180 others
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near the finish line of the boston marathon. [ bagpipes ] >> reporter: later, the fbi handed control of boylston street back to the city of boston. from his hospital bed, the 19- year-old suspect, dzhokhar tsarnaev, made his first appearance in front of a magistrate judge. tsarnaev is now charged with conspiring to use a weapon of mass destruction. in addition to the surveillance video the fbi shared with the public, a special agent testified the younger brother, dzhokhar, can be seen apparently slipping his knapsack onto the ground shortly before the explosion. but the white house announced tsarnaev won't be tried in a military tribunal as an enemy combatant. >> we will prosecute this suspect under u.s. law. united states citizens cannot be tried in military commissions. >> reporter: it's a move at least one senator is asking is the administration to
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reconsider. >> we know that these two individuals embrace radical islamic thought, that there is ample evidence this was an attack inspired by radical ideology. they were not trying to rob a bank in boston. >> reporter: and we're now getting a look at the transcript from today's bedside hearing for dzhokhar tsarnaev, who is still unable to speak because of the gunshot wound to his throat. the judge said, i will ask whether or not the patient is alert. you can rouse him. at that point, the doctor asks, how are you feeling? it shows the defendant was able to nod affirmatively. live in the newsroom, eric rasmussen, ktvu channel 2 news. senator dianne feinstein says she wants answers about the older of the two brothers. reports say the fbi earlier interviewed 26-year-old tamerlan tsarnaev based on a tip by the russian government and that tamerlan made a trip to russia last year. >> exactly when did russia call
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to ask about this individual? what did he do when he went back for six months? did he sit in his aunt and uncle's home for six months? when he came back to this country, why didn't it ring a bell with the fbi intelligence unit that he should be checked out? >> fbi agents descended on the home of tamerlan tsarnaev's wife in rhode island. they want to ask her what she knew about her husband's activities. so far, she has declined to speak to them. family members say she is distraught and learned of the bomb plot only when news reports named her husband. the oakland a's are in boston to play the red sox. but before today, there was a special trip to visit 11-year- old aaron hern at the hospital. this picture was sent to us by a friend of the family. aaron is the sixth grader from martinez who suffered a serious leg injury. >> the boston marathon bombings. first lady michelle obama also
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visited him last week. and coming up at 5:30, in the wake of what happened in boston, some major changes could be coming to one of the busiest streets in san francisco. find out what san francisco's police chief wants to install. breaking news now in a controversy we've been telling you about for several months now. swiss army knives and other items banned from carry-ons will remain banned. the transportation security administration today delayed a plan to allow carry on small knives and other items. flight attendants and others have been protesting the plan ever since it was announced. the change was supposed to take effect on thursday. but the tsa now says it needs time to review feedback from law enforcement, passengers and others. canadian authorities say today they foiled a plot to attack that nation's passenger trains. the royal canadian mounted police say they've arrested two men, one 30, the other 35 years old. police would not say where they
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were from. investigators say the plot had support from al-qaeda and was in the planning stages. >> i want to reassure our citizens that while we believed the accused had the capacity and intent to carry out these criminal acts, there was no eminent threat to the general public, train passengers or infrastructure. >> the fbi and u.s. department of homeland security assisted in the investigation. investigators have found no ricin in the home of a mississippi plan who is accused of mailing that poison to president obama and other officials. a hearing was held today for paul kevin curtis. a search of curtis's home this mississippi did not turn up any ricin or ingredients for making the poison. the ricin-laced letters never reached their intended targets. curtis denied sending the letters. four more victims have been
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named of last week's fertilizer plant explosion. 14 people died. the cause is still under investigation. today the white house announced that president obama and first lady michelle obama will attend a memorial service for the victims of the explosion on thursday at baylor university. the president will be in texas for a democratic fund-raiser and a dedication ceremony for former president george w. bush. the small town of west took a step forward toward getting back to normal today. for the first time since the blast, students returned to class in the town's elementary school and high school. teachers and administrators were on hand to greet students. some parents took the day off to walk or drive their kids to school. san jose police are investigating the death of a man found stabbed this afternoon. paramedics responded to a medical call on truckee lane at about 12:40 this afternoon. there they found the man's body and called police. homicide investigators were called to the scene but say
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they don't know yet if the man was a victim of foul play or if he committed suicide. in the wake of a shooting, we took crime concerns to the city councilman and learned he was the victim of an armed robbery himself. jay hernandez is life now in oakland with the three things there in the works that could make a difference on the streets. >> reporter: that's right, gasia. there's actually a sign here and a cafe across the street, all just part of this very walkable neighborhood. but it's not very far from where a gunman ordered a man and woman walking home from dinner to hand over their money. rockridge is a destination neighborhood. you dine there. you don't dodge bullets. saturd 9:30, oakland police swarmed the place after an armed gunman demanded money from a man and woman walking home. the gunman opened fire, shooting the man in the
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shoulder. today the city council encourages everyone to be more vigilant about their surroundings. >> i live two blocks away. so i know the neighborhood. >> reporter: an area which rarely sees violence like this -- >> i talked with neighbors who live on that block. i talked to them yesterday afternoon. >> reporter: he says in june, the city council will pass a budget funding future police academies, putting more officers on the streets to investigate crimes like these. results aren't immediate. >> what's happened in the past few years, there has always been crime, including serious crimes, throughout oakland. some neighborhoods have had it worse than others historically, and we've kind of, sadly, gotten used to that. >> reporter: today he wrote the police chief. he's not the only one. we spoke with frank with the crime prevention council yesterday and by phone this afternoon. this morning, he too contacted the police chief, assistant chief and the area's problem solving officer. for others, the shooting is a
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reminder crime doesn't follow neighborhood boundaries. >> all of these crimes are so spontaneous, it's almost a spontaneous combustion. they just pop up anywhere at any time. it's almost impossible for police to be everywhere all the time. >> reporter: police weren't available today. they've still made no arrests. also in oakland, police are investigating the city's 28th homicide of the year. an unidentified man was found dead just before 6:30 this morning on 90th avenue near g street. a woman told ktvu she heard gunshots at about 3 this morning. police have not confirmed how the man died and have not said if they have any leads on a possible killer. >> good grief. where was i... you couldn't pause a show in one room then start playing it in another. and...i'm talking to myself... [ male announcer ] call to get u-verse tv for just $19 a month
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for 2 years with qualifying bundles. rethink possible.
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am i don't know. any with medications?undles. last immunization shots? really? honey, what's my blood pressure medicine called? one time i took something and i blew up like a puffer fish. i'm probably allergic to that. at kaiser permanente, your medical information is available to you and your doctors. quickly. securely. no guesswork required. better information. better care. kaiserpermanente. thrive. san francisco city attorney is demanding answers from nevada, after a new report says nevada is dumping psychiatric patients in california to save money. ken is live from san francisco
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with how this all worked and how long it went on. >> reporter: the allegation is that a hospital in nevada, sanctioned by the state, would release psychiatric patients and send them out of state. 36 of them allegedly came here to san francisco. these people would have been all alone, nowhere to go. but nationwide, they had a lot of company. the allegation was made after a check of greyhound bus ticket receipts, part of a san francisco bee investigation, claiming that the hospital in las vegas sent 1500 patients packing to other states in the past five years. >> it's very, very disconcerting. not just as a government official but as a human being. >> reporter: san francisco city attorney dennis herrera, demanded, in this letter, that nevada health officials hand over records in response to the report. herrera says it appears the people who arrived in san francisco had no contacts here. >> it's very disconcerting when
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you think about these individuals being given one-way tickets on a bus with no meds, minimal food and drink. >> reporter: according to the report, the hospital, between 2008 and march of this year, put 500 psychiatric patients on buses bound for california. herrera is asking san francisco social service programs to come forward to discover the true scope of the patient dumping alleged. and the nevada department of health and human services says it is reviewing the 1500 cases of alleged patient dumping but that the problem does not appear to be systemic and that the hospital involved had a documentation error. herrera says it appears, based on the allegations, that the patients were dumped in places where social services are generous. >> it seems to me that goes a little bit beyond a documentation problem. but we'll get to the bottom of it. >> reporter: herrera says if the allegations are proven, that several state and federal laws would have been broken and the city can seek monetary damages. in san francisco, ken
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pritchett, ktvu channel 2 news. as we first reported for you here on ktvu channel 2 news at 5 back in february, unlike regular day care centers, drop- in centers are not licensed or required to follow state regulations because parents are usually on sight. state senator leyland's bill would require them tow have background checks and meet a minimum ratio of staff to children. the bill is to be heard tomorrow in the senate rules committee. the so-called sequestration budget cuts are slowing down travelers at some of the nation's busiest airports. yesterday alone the faa said there were more than 400 flight delays nationwide. 47,000 faa workers must take furlough days, including 15,000 air traffic controllers, losing one day of work every other week. that's a 10% reduction in staffing. >> when 70% of your budget of
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your operating budget is personnel, you cannot avoid when the cuts are as deep as they are in the sequester, the kinds of actions that are taken. >> today the transportation department says it's considering a request from the airline industry to temporarily suspend the delay rule in light of these furloughs. that rule prohibits airlines from keeping passengers on the tarmac for more than three hours. here in the bay area, an average of three air traffic controllers are scheduled to be furloughed in san francisco, oakland and san jose. officials say so far they haven't seen significant delays due to the furloughs here. however, the faa tells us los angeles international experienced delays of more than three hours for some arriving flights last night and that ended up causing delays for three flights from los angeles to san jose in the early morning hours. san francisco officials say people celebrating marijuana left behind a big cleanup project in golden gate park on
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saturday. they say 50,000 people came for the 4/20 event. the cost of all that cleanup falls on taxpayers. the city estimates the cost will be about $10,000. new research suggests that medicinal marijuana in a pill form may have fewer side effects. patients took a capsule, then smoked a marijuana cigarette a short time later. both the pill and the smoke were about equally effective. the pill's pain relief lasted longer. home sales in march remained largely unchanged for the fourth month in a row, due to a tight supply of homes for sale. the rate last month was 4.92 million, down from 4.95 million in february. on wall street today, energy
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stocks rebounded. the dow added 19 points. and the s&p 500 was up seven. apple returned millions of botched iphones to the manufacturer that built them. those returned phones are going to cost fox con. this isn't the first time apple has been unhappy with their work. salt lake city, utah, is becoming a new hot spot for business. two major banks, san francisco- based wells fargo and new york- based goldman sachs will be holding their shareholders meeting in san francisco this week -- in salt lake city this week. they will all have shareholder meetings in salt lake. many have done so within the
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past two years. animal control workers are warning residents in the lake tahoe area are warning visits about recent mountain lion sightings. last tuesday, a person saw a cat walking across the meadow and last thursday, a person walking his dog saw the mountain lion lying down in that same meadow. fortunately, the mountain lion did not approach either of those people. at the beginning of this newscast, we talked with our chief meteorologist about temperatures hitting 90 degrees. bill, a lot of us are saying, let's have some relief already. >> we're seeing fog in santa cruz. temperatures dropping pretty quickly along the coast. i want to point out two things. first thing is notice the direction of the wind. this is fog here. see how it's being pushed away? that's that high pressure exerting itself. that's why it was so warm today. look here right along the coast. when you get the fog, see how it's working its way right back
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up here? that's your mechanism for cooling. temperatures along the coast tomorrow will be much cooler. right around the bay, we'll see cooling, maybe five, six degrees. inland, i don't think there will be much penetration inland. so inland, temperatures are still going to be in the mid to upper 80's. so it's going to be very warm inland. it's 88 right now in fairfield. 89 in antioch. livermore, 89. temperatures well above the average and very warm. in record territory. we showed you those records earlier today. tomorrow, in one of those inland areas -- if you're going to the ballpark tonight, it is a great night out in san francisco. 67 degrees for that first pitch. when you leave the park, probably 59, 60 degrees. but a great night for baseball. giants playing in san francisco. the fog not gonna be back tonight, but late tonight, early tomorrow morning, i think we'll see the fog trickling into pacifica and half moon bay. lots of upper 40's tonight, low 50's. a mild night.
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when the kids head off to school, maybe a jacket, but it warms by 9:00. it's back into the 60's and even 10 and 11:00, here in the 70's in some places, so a nice day tomorrow. this is the forecast map, using temperatures to december -- using colors to designate temperatures. 80's are in yellow. oranges are the 90's. we're gonna see lots of warm temperatures tomorrow. the other thing we're talking about are the poll the counts. they're high in the trees. this type of weather promotes increased pollen. and the thing that's different this week is these grasses are coming off low. they've actually moved up a little bit. grasses starting to come into the occasion. i'll get specific with the forecast high for your neighborhood when i come back and we'll talk about the cooling trend. i'll see you back in just a few minutes. an explosion clears out an east bay supermarket and our newschopper 2 was overhead as emergency crews swarmed the
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scene. what we've learned about the cause. and bring in the closer! what has sergio romo paying a visit to bay area schools today. new at 6 -- the unsolved killing of a whole foods employee. >> someone just took his life and didn't care. >> new pictures, new video and a new effort to make an arrest. also, how would you connect with loved once in an emergency? the high-tech plan to help you out. plus, earth day and a new ban on plastic bags. we'll tell you where in the bay area you can and can't get plastic bags. plus, is it making any difference? tonight at 6.
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this afternoon, a worker was injured from an explosion at a grocery store in richmond. emergency responders were called to the foods co near harbor way. fire officials say a refrigerator repairman injured
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his hand when a freon leak caused a minor explosion. the store and nearby businesses were evacuated while fire crews responded to the blast. a man from south san francisco is now facing up to almost four and a half years in jail for kidnapping his children and taking them away on a stolen yacht. 42-year-old christopher maffei pleaded no contest last friday in a court in san mateo county. he is charged with child abduction and possession of a stolen boat. authorities say maffei kidnapped his two- and three- year-old children from their mother's home in september. he is set to be sentenced in june. things are back to normal at san jose's valley fair mall after a gas leak this morning. a work cut through an inch and a quarter line about 5:15. that cut off service to the food court. service was restored by lunchtime. sergio romo visited with some of the city's school children today.
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he and some lucky athletes were at lafayette elementary school. the students are involved in a math mentoring program. the giants' closer participated with children in games and activities designed to teach them the importance of finishing projects with a passionate spirit. singer and guitarist richie havens died today. ♪ sometimes i feel just like i am almost done ♪ >> he did after suffering a heart attack. he played at woodstock and for bill clinton's presidential inauguration. richie havens was 72 years old. after seeing what happened in boston, san francisco's police chief unveils a new plan he says would make market street safer during big events. why some say it may go too far.
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cleanup is underway at a homeless encampment in san jose. we'll tell you the challenges the city faces at this location.
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san francisco has surveillance cameras, but in the wake of the boston marathon bombings, the police chief wants more. so often we bring you stories of huge crowds of people taking to market to celebrate or protest. where soon more of those actions could be caught on camera. >> reporter: market street already has some surveillance cameras, including this one outside the hyatt regency hotel. but the police chief says in
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the wake of the boston marathon bombings, he'd like to see more cameras along market street to give police extra sets of eyes during major events. an estimated one million people came to cheer the giants during the victory parade last fall along market street. more than half a million people turn out each year to the gay pride parade on market street. the chief said after seeing what happened in boston, he'd like to see more cameras on market. >> when we invite tens of hundreds of thousands to fill our streets, it wouldn't be a bad idea. >> reporter: the city already has dozens of cameras, but police don't actively monitor them. suhr is proposing after officers watch the cameras on market street but not around the clock. >> i'm not talking about monitoring them full-time, just during these major events. >> if we have an ability to make people safer, that
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conversation needs a public discussion. >> reporter: public defender says he has concerns over privacy rights. >> having a surveillance camera on a public street, particularly where you have a lot of social protest, could create a chilling effect, because people aren't going to want to be seen. >> reporter: still, suhr says surveillance cameras would help san francisco, as they did boston. >> i think everybody needs to remember. they made the boston case on video. >> reporter: suhr expects to address the issue of cameras on market street at a hearing before the board of supervisors on may 2. reporting live in san francisco, rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. hayward police have obtained an arrest warrant for a suspect in a deadly shooting late saturday night. the warrant names 26-year-old michael sutar as the suspect in the killing of 26-year-old ezekiel taylor. taylor was shot and killed in the driveway of a home on franklin avenue, just before 10:00 last saturday night. new developments tonight in the your black muslim bakery
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murder case. the former attorney for bakery leader yusuf bey may be disbarred. the chauncey bailey project reports attorney lorna brown will go on trial tomorrow before a state bar court judge. brown is accused of smuggling an alleged hit list out of jail for bey during his trial for the murder of journalist chauncey bailey. police say there is still no sign of a hayward man missing now for more than two weeks. the last known sighting of jay was between 7 and 9 p.m. investigators consider his disappearance suspicious. a close friend of the missing man is offering a $10,000 reward. if you can help, you're asked to call the hayward police department. it is time for mosquito fogging again in contra costa county. they say the mosquito population has boomed in recent
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days. the holland track and bethel island will be fogged. an extraordinary homeless encampment. >> reporter: the smell of trash filled the air off of story road. work crews filled their bags with belongings the homeless left behind. some constructed make shift houses. mini neighbors had been set up. television sets were brought in and powered up. >> some people used generators and some people tap off the street lights. ha ha! >> reporter: city officials already held a cleanup last october. we found fire pits and a rest room structure. the environment was being impacted drastically. they realize that cleanup is a
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short-term solution. >> some people will reencamp. we live in a beautiful community and the weather is very nice. we're working to manage the issue as best we can. >> reporter: outreach workers have been trying to build a rapport with the 200 or so homeless at this sight. so far some have entered a homeless program. the challenge is those who refuse. the city plans on putting up roadblocks to prevent the homeless from bringing in rv's and cars and setting up camp. they also plan on bringing in private security to patrol the area. a new housing development in san francisco's central market area held a groundbreaking celebration today. they joined together to make the $200 million project a reality.
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the plans are to transform the former automobile association into a new area. >> in the intersection of market and van ness, it can use help as well. california senator dianne feinstein is pushing for lawmakers to move forward with immigration reform. senator feinstein and the rest of the committee combed through the details last week. she says farmers in california are struggling because they don't have a consistent supply of workers. >> it is as close to coming to a national crisis with respect to retaining this country's agricultural prowess as anything. >> witnesses from the farming industry testified. they say 60 to 70% of their workers are here illegally, but they want the chance to become
5:37 pm
u.s. citizens. the opportunity of a lifetime. a bay area girl gets the chance to show off her creativity to the president. why the problem she's working on hits very close to home for many. and 21 to drink. 21 to gamble. but 21 to smoke? the state that wants to bump up the age for those who want to buy cigarettes.
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google's app store and apple's app store appear to be running neck-and-neck in everything but revenue. the store android apps, called google, is about the same number of apps as apple's store. the number of downloads last month was just about equal. but apple accounted for 74% of the total revenue between the two app stores. at the same time, google play appears to be gaining ground fast from a year ago, when apple had 90% of the revenue. has anyone ever told you to get to the punch line? that's what twitter plans to do next monday when it teams up with comedy central. comedians will tweet quicky jokes. rob riener and mel brooks are scheduled to kick off the festival next monday with an event in los angeles. you have to be 21 to buy drinks or go gambling.
5:41 pm
new york city council and mayoral candidate quinn wants to raise the minimum age for tobacco purchases from 18 to 21. texas recently tried the same thing but the proposed law failed. several states have an age limit of 18 to buy tobacco. today president obama invited 100 students to take part in this year's white house science far, and that included jessica borral. she designed a device that fights eye muscle fatigue from staring too long at computers. >> i'm getting a patent on it. i'd love to manufacture them and give them out to all schools around california. >> very smart. the president highlighted the importance of honoring science and math stars at the white house, the same way he celebrates athletes and
5:42 pm
musicians. how can car renters avoid big surcharges? and plenty of records around here today. record heat. but the fog is returning. some areas tomorrow might be almost as warm as today. other areas are going to cool significantly. i'll break that down for you in about ten minutes. new at 6, only on 2 -- >> the unsolved killing of a whole foods employee. >> someone just took his life and didn't care. >> new pictures, new video, and a new effort to make an arrest. how would you connect with loved ones in an emergency? the high-tech plan to help you out. plus, earth day and a new ban on plastic bags. we'll tell you where in the bay area you can and can't get plastic bags. plus, is it making any difference? tonight on ktvu channel 2 news at 6.
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new at 5, adding almost $10 to your toll for crossing the golden gate, that bridge is the latest to switch to automated
5:45 pm
toll collection. consumer editor tom vacar live in san francisco with how that move leaves many open to thieves. >> reporter: for car renters, in fact, the golden gate bridge is issuing these advisory warnings. worry less about gas and insurance rental option. pay closer attention to the fine print about tolls. your toll responsibilities are laid out in your car rental contract. the very second your rental car plate is read -- >> you're going to automatically be opted into a tolling program offered by the rental car company. >> reporter: that's always true unless you make plans to pay in advance, online, on the phone, or at designated kiosks. rental car companies hire collection companies to collect tolls and add surcharges to pay their own overhead. but problems in other states prompted the golden gate bridge district to put warnings at
5:46 pm
airport rental counters. >> with associated convenience fees that are charged back to the customer to handle the tolling. >> reporter: in addition to the toll charges, most companies assess a daily fee, some even on days you don't accrue tolls. most companies have a maximum surcharge of $14.95 to $24.75 per -- rental. >> my question is, how much are you paying to come across the bridge, particularly if you come across like just to this spot and then turn around and go back? >> it's really, renter beware and renter get educated. this is starting to happen all around the country. >> reporter: when you rent
5:47 pm
elsewhere, make sure you understand what the toll rules are there. we are getting a detailed look at various big ticket expenses for the 49ers stadium under construction in santa clara. they include $25 million for an electrical system to let 12,000 fans simultaneously charge their cell phones. some of the mundane costs include $63 million for the installation of 16,000 lights, 5500 alarms and 2200 toilets and sinks. the $1.2 billion stadium will seat 68,000 fans. it is scheduled to open in time for the 2014 season. outside agencies could play a key role in the design and construction of the twin tunnel plan for the sacramento-san joaquin delta. the department of water resources has been in talks with regional water managers to create a joint agency for the project. the main goal of that $14 billion project is to divert
5:48 pm
more water to southern california for drinking and agriculture. farmers are fiercely opposed. the death toll in southwest china continues to climb after saturday's deadly earthquake there. close to 200 people are dead, more than 11,000 injured. the earthquake triggered landslides. it's estimated that more than 1.5 million people in the sichuan province have been affected. security has been tightened at a tennessee nuclear power plant after a shooting there yesterday. the nuclear plant is near knoxville, right along the tennessee river. a security officer exchanged gunfire with a man outside the plant's fence. at least one shot truck the officer's vehicle. he wasn't hit. the fbi is investigating the shooting. the taliban has taken 11
5:49 pm
civilians hostage in afghanistan. nato announced their capture today. eight turks and a russian were among those captured. security forces responded to the remote area but had to pull back after firefights with the taliban. throughout this newscast, our chief meteorologist has been telling us that relief is on the way. a lot of us had to turn on the ac at home and in the car today. >> yes. along the coast, i've been suspecting the fog will move in quickly. when i check my facebook page, i've got folks talking about very dense fog in el granada, half moon bay, working its way up to pacifica. let me show you where the fog is now. the satellite image is not picking it up. but el granada is right in here. there is fog and it's dense. that's one of the things i was thinking about as we were
5:50 pm
looking at tonight's forecast. that dense fog as it moves into ocean beach, it's going to be tough and low visibility. it's pressing the fog down. and the visibility tomorrow morning, i wouldn't be surprised to see a dense fog advisory along the great highway, around half moon bay and pacifica. temperatures cool off tomorrow but they still stay warm to hot inland. along the coast, because of the fog, and along the bay, because of the sea breeze created by the fog, temperatures are going to trend down just a little bit. here we go. the warming was nice. we had a heck of a nice weekend. but things are changing as that fog works its way up the coast. the rest of us are going to be looking at temperatures tomorrow in the inland valleys, like 90's in fairfield, 87 in napa. sausalito. because you're close to that sea breeze, the fog comes
5:51 pm
back and cools the coast. 90 in brentwood. that's one of the warm spots. 88 in pleasanton. 87 in danville. very warm to hot day inland. but the overall pattern, because of the fog, is one of cooling. and right along the coast, with a potential for -- there is dense fog there right now, and a potential for that dense fog to exist tonight and tomorrow morning. not as warm tomorrow. there's your bay area weekend. no rain to talk about. it's really just kind of a cooling trend as we go towards the bay area weekend. still very nice but the heat today, that was it in terms of the warmest day of the week. temperatures inland, slightly or about the same tomorrow. along the coast, major cool. >> are we close to being done for the rain for the season? >> we can get rain this time of year, but there's nothing showing right now. we won't get multiple storms. a big change could be
5:52 pm
coming soon to how you shop online and why you may soon be paying more for what you buy. earth day comes comes. protesters targeted today in san francisco. you kids should count yourselves lucky.
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we didn't have u-verse back in my day. you couldn't just... guys... there you are. you know you couldn't just pause a show in one room, then... where was i... you couldn't pause a show in one room then start playing it in another. and...i'm talking to myself... [ male announcer ] call to get u-verse tv for just $19 a month for 2 years with qualifying bundles. rethink possible.
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for 2 years with qualifying bundles. the u.s. senate today voted overwhelmingly to take up a bill that could impose sales tax on all internet sales. today's vote clears the way for debate and attempts later this
5:55 pm
week. it would then go to the house of representatives. the bill would exempt online retailers with less than a million a year in sales. protesters in san francisco used the annual environmental event as a call to arms. [ drums beating ] >> at the epa's regional headquarters, a diversion crowd of demonstrators spoke out against a variety of problems. they criticized the investigation into last summer's richmond refinery fire and also protested against hydraulic fracking for natural gas. >> we're here to ask the epa to stop the expansion of the toxic wasteland filling our town. >> these people are really frustrated. many of them low-income minority folks from the bay area that feel like there's too much pollution in the
5:56 pm
neighborhoods. >> the protesters then marched to the state department offices where they stepped up their protests to civil disobedience. the epa administrator said 40 years after the first earth day, the planet is still hurting, but he said there is still much to celebrate, including better water and air quality. workers are putting the final touches on the george w. bush library. organizers expect all four living former presidents to be there. president obama also plans to attend. only on 2 tonight, video that could be the key to catching a killer. if two minutes, the much-loved grocery store clerk who police say was randomly shot at by someone in a vehicle. and it's being called a one- stop shop for emergencies and
5:57 pm
disasters at your fingertips. the proactive step one bay area city is taking to make sure lost loved ones can be found and the public is kept safe.
5:58 pm
this is ktvu channel 2 news at 6. good evening, everyone.
5:59 pm
i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. the unsolved killing of a grocery store clerk who was just walking down the street when he was gunned down took a poignant turn today. david stevenson joins us now from san francisco with new evidence police released today and the tribute from the victim's family. david? >> reporter: julie, just under an hour ago, we obtained video that police hope will help solve this homicide. this is the victim, a whole foods employee. he was remembered today in a special way by his loved ones. a drum played as friends and family of ernesto planted a tree in his attorney in the parking lot of the whole foods. >> he was warmth. he was love. he was peace. he was wise. >> reporter: police say acosta was shot to death near the intersection of hayes and webster streets whil
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